Propane Pricing Program

At Dolan Oil Service, we are proud to provide the most competitive fuel prices in the area for a full-service energy company. Keeping homes and businesses throughout South Central Pennsylvania safe and warm affordably is our priority.

The Propane CAP Price Program

Our CAP Price Program is a great way to lower your energy bills even further. Registering for the program guarantees a set price for propane all winter long.

If the price of propane goes up, your price won’t change. If it goes down, so will your price! The CAP Price Program is a great way to protect yourself from price fluctuations and keep your fuel payments low all winter.

The CAP program is available for automatic delivery customers only, and registration for the program requires a one-time sign-up fee:

Number of Gallons Sign-Up Fee
Up to 400 $75.00
401-600 $90.00
601-800 $120.00
801-1,000 $150.00
1,001+ Call for Quote

Price Cap Plans

Download The CAP Price Protection PDF

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