Dolan Oil Service proudly offers a variety of heating services to satisfy the needs of our customers in the South Central Pennsylvania area. Whether you’re looking for furnace or boiler installation, central or ductless A/C installation, or you just need service, we’re here for you. Additionally, we offer expert 24/7 emergency service. We can keep your home and family comfortable no matter the time of year!

Heating Equipment Installation

If your boiler or furnace in the Northern York County area is over 10 years old, it’s likely that you aren’t getting the most energy for your money, or keeping your home as comfortable as it should be. Older heating systems use a lot more oil or gas to operate, resulting in higher energy bills. To learn more about our heating equipment installation service, click the button below.


Heating Equipment Service

Having your oil- or propane-fired furnace or boiler serviced in York Haven, PA regularly is key to saving up to 10% on your fuel costs. Dolan Oil Service is proud to service oil or propane boilers and furnaces of all types. Bring yourself and your family peace of mind by making sure your equipment is operating properly. To learn more about our heating equipment service, click below.


Water Heaters

Maintaining a ready supply of hot water is an important part of your daily comfort in your South Central Pennsylvania home. At Dolan Oil Service, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to perform regular maintenance and repairs that will keep your water heater running smoothly. Want more information about installing or servicing a water heater? Click the button below!


Service Plans

At Dolan Oil Service, our skilled team of HVAC professionals are the most talented in South Central Pennsylvania, adhering to rigorous training and certification standards. To preserve your equipment’s performance and longevity, we also conduct annual maintenance and offer the peace of mind that comes with service plan coverage. Click below to learn more about our service plans!