Oil Pricing Program

Don’t want to worry about oil price fluctuations this heating season? Choose a program from your local energy provider that will help add predictability to your fuel costs and save you money throughout the winter months. Dolan Oil Service offers protection against heating oil price increases for customers throughout our York County and Cumberland County, PA service area.

The Heating Oil CAP Price Program

Our CAP Price Program guarantees a low oil price all winter long.

If the price of oil rises, your price stays the same. If it drops, your price drops, too! Protect yourself from any spikes in heating oil prices this year with our CAP program.

The CAP program is available for automatic delivery customers only, and registration for the program requires a one-time sign-up fee:

Number of Gallons Sign-Up Fee
Up to 400 $75.00
400-600 $110.00
600-800 $145.00
800-1,000 $175.00

Price Cap Plans

Download The CAP Price Protection PDF

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